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Eleanor and Park - Rainbow Rowell I really, really, realllyy liked Eleanor and Park. At first when I opened the book I was a little put off and I didn't want to finish it, but nope! It didn't take much to rope me in.

So you have the two main characters, Eleanor and Park, who seem like they come from different sides of the tracks. Park lives with his loving family who are pretty well off and the worst thing he has to worry about is his dad not allowing him to get his drivers license (oh the humanity!), and Eleanor lives with her mom and her step-dad (who is evil by the way) who can't afford to replace the door on the bathroom (who knows what happened to it in the first place), put food on the table, buy decent clothes, etc. Oh yeah, and Step-dad is abusive towards sometimes loving, but sometimes cold Mom.

Back to Eleanor and Park! It doesn't start out that great for them. They don't even talk to each other for a good first part of the book. One day on the bus Park notices that Eleanor is reading his comic books an over the shoulder type thing, and starts lending them to her. And thus, the barrier has been broken. This is one thing I love about this book. They start bonding over comic books!

Another aspect I love about this book is the part that's touching up on being with some one that everybody else in the world looks down upon for being weird, or coming from that particular family, or just not being normal in general, and being okay with that. Because it's not just about you becoming comfortable with the way the world looks at that person, but about you becoming comfortable with the way the world looks at you for being with that person.