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The Boy and the Airplane - Mark Pett

This book instantly got an extra star when I read on the very last page, "For Tiffany, who was worth the wait." And that's just the last page!

This is a charming little book. There are no words to read, so you have to let the illustrations speak for themselves. I always get excited when a book is like this because when I'm reading books to kids I don't actually have to read it to them (heheh), and I've always felt when it comes to picture books and graphic novels if they're using a lot of narration instead of using the illustrations to tell the story than they're failing at how the book is supposed to tell the story.

When the boy's red airplane gets stuck on the roof of a house he tries different ways of getting it down. Failure after failure, he decides to plant a tree near the house. At this point it initially gets a little depressing (yes :(, depressing) as he has to wait years, and years, and years for the tree to grow tall enough for him to climb up it and retrieve his long lost airplane. However, he seems to be perfectly content and happy to finally have it back despite his old age. So it's all good.
Now, I too, am thinking why he didn't just ask an adult to help him. He certainly would have had his airplane back much sooner. That brings me back to what was said on the last page.