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The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

The Woman in Black - A Ghost Story - Susan Hill

I would first like to lay out on the table that I'm not easily scared by horror books. I don't know why, maybe it's lack of imagination, but I find horror movies much more stimulating and scary. I remember my sister telling me to read the Amityville Horror because it was terrifying, so I decided to pick it up and it turned out to not be that terrifying to me.

That said, I didn't find The Woman in Black that scary. It did have a creepy atmosphere, and I was creeped out at times, but not overly scared. Now you're probably thinking why then give the book a 4 star rating. Good question. Despite it not, in my opinion, being scary I still think this is a really good book, with good writing, and good story telling. Honestly, that's all I ask for in a book sometimes.